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medication for anxiety

Medication for Anxiety – Nature`s anti anxiety treasures

Anxiety is a feeling that we all experience at some part of our life and in varying degrees too. It`s normal to be anxious before your exam, a job interview, going on your first date or when your kid is late from school. If however the anxiety becomes a problem when one becomes too much […]

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natural antidepressants image

Natural Antidepressants – Nature’s Medicine for Depression

Antidepressant medicines always have one or other side effects. The patients suffering from depression either has to compromise to their working hours and suffer from extended sleep durations or have to suffer other medical problem. Depression for them brings a health journey. The only way to fight depression is through natural antidepressants, the gifts of […]

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Sleep Deprivation Effects

Sleep Deprivation Effects: 9 Scary Side Effects

Are you wondering what the sleep deprivation effects are? Many of us are guilty of cutting our sleep short and I know you have your excuse such as your busy at work, you want to spend time with your family, you have a lot of chores, your commute to work is long and etc. You […]

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symptoms of sleep apnea

Understanding The Symptoms of Sleep Apnea in Children

Sleep is an important function human beings experience daily. Its need is universal and is a basic requirement of the body to function properly. A good sleep increases human mind and body efficiency. However in some cases, the sleep is disturbed. One of the reasons is sleep apnea. It is a condition during which a […]

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Snoring and Pregnancy

Snoring during pregnancy is extremely common and most women are three or four times more likely to snore loudly when they are expecting a baby. As any expectant mother knows, sleep during pregnancy brings its own range of new and unexpected events, ranging from midnight cravings and chronic indigestion to weird dreams. Perhaps surprisingly, particularly […]

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national sleep foundation

What National Sleep Foundation Is Doing To Promote Better Sleep

Have you ever heard of the National Sleep Foundation? Do you know what the organization is doing to promote better sleep? If you have no idea who they are and what they do, then allow me to share with you some programs that this foundation is doing to help you obtain a better good night sleep. […]

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